Commercial Insurance Coverage in Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Mercer County

You can’t predict injured employees, unsatisfied customers or accidents in company vehicles. Doing business in Monmouth, Mercer and Ocean County is always a challenge without the potential of things going wrong. Be ready for unforeseen circumstances with insurance customized to your business from Mesanko Insurance Agency.

Insurance for Contractors

The construction industry is one the most complex industries to be a part of no matter your role. Everyone from the developer to the contractor and their employees have their own set of governances and needs. No matter what role you play, it is your responsibility to make sure your business, employees and your clients are covered in the event of a mishap with your building project. Protect your reputations and your interests with the perfect set of insurances from Mesanko Insurance Agency that protect you in every eventuality.

Builder's Risk Insurance

No matter if you’re building your dream home or commercial cash cow, builder’s risk insurance is a necessity as a foundation to protect your investment. While your project is under construction, builder’s insurance guarantees that you can recoup building material and labor costs in the event of damage by inclement weather or fire. If you are a property owner, talk to your insurance agents at Mesanko Insurance Agency before you break ground.

Commercial Flood Insurance

90% of all natural disasters involve flooding. Hurricanes and floods are the leading natural disasters in Mercer, Ocean and Monmouth counties. It seems only right to protect your commercial property with flood insurance. Our knowledgeable insurance agents can help you assess your risk, and get a rate that makes sense for your business.

Insurance that Protects Business Growth

Positioning your business for growth is never without its pains. You can at least give yourself a cushion to protect your dream and interests with insurance solutions designed to keep you afloat no matter what situation you encounter on your climb to the top.

Business Personal Property

When renting an office space, warehouse or industrial facility, you fill it with your furnishings, equipment and machinery. Your landlord has insurance on the build should any malady of natural disaster or fire destroys the building. Cover your personal property in your business establishment with BPP coverage from Mesanko Insurance Agency.

Workers' Compensation

There’s no getting around workers’ compensation in the State of New Jersey. No matter your industry or how safe your industry is, it is a requirement of doing business with more than one employee. Mesanko Insurance Agency has several Workers’ Compensation options based on the size of your business.

Fidelity Bonds

To go from sole proprietor to employing people in your service business is both exciting and risky. You can personally guarantee the quality of your work or fix an issue. Giving employees an opportunity for success is also an opportunity to make mistakes that ‘sorry’ won’t fix. If you manage people, a fidelity bond can be the difference between your business taking a loss for a mistake and being able to move on from it.

Directors and Officers Liability

Attracting and retaining qualified directors and corporate officers requires a great offer that includes directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. Even as an established business, it is easy to be toppled by frivolous or necessary lawsuits. Talk to our experienced insurance agents to understand why a directors’ and officers’ policy is necessary even if you have general liability.

Equipment Breakdown

Imagine getting your dream contract, no matter your industry or expertise. At the midway mark, your computer or heavy machinery needed to complete the project breaks down. Not only does it break down, it causes the collapse of entire project. Get coverage that will help with the repair or replacement of your equipment and also cover any destruction, loss of business or expenses incurred by the disruption.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Ensure your entire fleet of service vans, 18-wheelers, limousines and your work trucks with commercial auto insurance. We help you select the coverage that fits your business and budget. And with only the best auto insurance companies to choose from, we will never steer you wrong.

Liquor Liability

Your run the risk of damage to your bar, lounge or club when you serve alcoholic beverages. You never know alcohol will affect your patrons. At bare minimum, respecting your property is expected. When your respectable establishment is host to a barroom brawl, know that you are covered with liquor liability insurance.

General Liability

The foundation of any growing business, general liability protects against unforeseen incidents that may impact your ability to grow or continue altogether. An employee damages a client’s property? It’s covered. Being sued for slander? It’s covered. A person is hurt on your property? It’s all covered by your general liability insurance policy.

Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions

Fill in the cracks in your general liability insurance with professional liability insurance for your consulting, SaaS or service-based business. Protect yourself from legal claims of negligence or misrepresentation where there is no bodily or property damage.

Excess/Umbrella Liability

If you feel that your general liability insurance doesn’t give you’re the protection you need, let our experienced Trusted Choice® insurance agents craft a bespoke umbrella insurance policy that works for your business.

Recreational Amusement Packages

When you’re having fun at an amusement park, you don’t think of getting hurt on a ride or a slip and fall at the water slide.


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